CW Touch Keyer










Models P1, P1BS, P11, P12



Electronic Keyer Features


Weight control

Speed readout via CW

Iambic mode A or B

Ultimatic mode on/off

Reverse paddle mode

Pot or paddle speed control

Speed pot calibration

Recording the Callsign Memory or using the Menu

Tune mode

CQ Loop Mode

Record the Callsign Memory

CQ select

QRP after last callsign

RePeat of CQ+callsign send

Callsign Repeat

PSE CQ mode

TimeOuts on/off

Single lever Paddle tune mode

Half PAH delay length

Sidetone Float on/off

SideTone on/off

Accukeyer or Super CMOS iambic mode B

Beacon Mode

Record Mem

Key Down beacon delay

Beacon Alternate between mem 1 and mem 2 mode

increase the beacon delay

Sidetone set

Debounce delay set

Autospace on/off

Enable Straight Key Mode

DIt memory on/off

DAh memory on/off

Bug / Straight-key mode

Record mode 2

Practice mode

Live or Dead recording



  Click here to view operation manual for all above