CW Touch Keyer











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Includes a Battery Saver Circuit.




Still using the old fashion,

brass pounding, noise making mechanical paddle?


You could be sending code with the 100% reliable TOUCH PADDLE.

No Contact Adjustment or Cleaning

and No Clicking Sounds.

Just a Quiet, Smooth Touch.

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Model P1PAD  is a paddle only output and outperforms any

mechanical dual paddle on the market.

It does not include the electronic keyer chip and associated circuitry.


Model P1PADBS is the ideal way to save your battery from draining down

if you accidentally forget to shut your model P1 off.


Press the momentary push button and your model P1PADBS becomes active for 10 minutes.


Touch the left paddle anytime during the 10 minutes and the timer resets for another 10 minutes.


During the last minute the LED, located on the front panel, flashes 3 times every 10 seconds

to remind you that your unit is to about to shut down.




If your 9V battery drops below 7.0 volts, every minute the LED will flash 5 times to remind you to

replace your battery.  BUT!!!!!  No need to rush replacing your battery.


Your unit will still run for a few more hours until the battery drops below 6.5V.


This model is ideal for use with any external positive keying,

electronic keyer.


Internal 9 volt battery operated or 6 - 13.8 volt DC power source.  

Draws less that 2 ma of current.

Unit is weighted to prevent travel on desk top.

Directly replaces mechanical paddles. 

For use with external electronic keyers.

Need Cables???  Click here for a list of cables.


Supplied with 3.5mm paddle out plug and 2.1mm external power plug.

NOTE: The keyer output transistor circuit is designed to switch key input

of 13.8 Volts positive or less.

Do not attempt to use any CW Touch Keyer products with a vacuum tube transmitter

(either grid blocked or cathode keyed) without an appropriate output circuit.

Consider purchasing the “keyall” kit from Jackson Harbor Press for tube type keying.


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